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The 2 main design objectives of wave sailing boards have always been at war with each other.

  1. You want less rocker for early planing , speed, higher jumps and better ability to get  upwind to get more waves. ie Mobility.... 

  2. You want more rocker for flowing turns.

Traditionally wave boards have been an eternal compromise because you can't have it both ways.
Well now you can!


including fins &



All prices include freight Australia wide.

windtech magic bullet 85 base
windtech magic bullet 85
windtech magic bullet 95
windtech magic bullet 95 base

Length: 243 cm
Width: 58 cm
Volume: 85 litres

Length: 245 cm
Width: 63 cm
Volume: 95 litres


Slightly longer waterlines deliver even more speed. Extra speed means less sail pressure and makes windsurfing MUCH less taxing.So you can sail for longer.



Rocker is the enemy of functional wave sailing - with the only upside being turning ability.

Windtech Active Trim Technology allows the Magic Bullet to use a flatter rocker to optimise early planing, speed and upwind sailing.

However in turns the ATT tail loads up to create just the right amount of rocker where you need it to deliver looseness and grip.

As an added bonus, the energy release produced by the tail reflexing back after loading up in the bottom turn gives  a slingshot effect as you approach the lip / top turn.

We have used  a multi fin set up biased towards a single fin feel - to further leverage the lift, early planing, upwind ability and reduced drag that a single fin gives you. The added 'bonzer' style fins give you even more drive when you need it to suit your style (or for onshore conditions)

The lower aspect 'bonzer' style side fins create less drag and influence over the feel of the board giving a neutral single fin feel but still delivering the drive of a thruster.

The deeper centre fin delivers ultimate projection out of lips as well as jumping height.

Aerials are landed on the flats or out in the front of the wave ( as opposed to in the foam)

The Magic Bullet’s physical balance is sublime - jumps, lips slide reverses and takas have never felt so safe and controlled.
And they are easy to sail.... from beginner to expert.

Using Windtech’s ATT technology we have just solved the biggest problem in wave sailing.
You are going to love these boards.


The “Bonzer” side fins can be easily removed for a pure single fin experience to suit your preference. The pure single fin configuration (with bonzer side fins removed) offers ultimate speed and jump amplitude - the bonzers add  more turning  drive for onshore conditions or wave set ups where  the rider wants to absolutely maximise turning ability.